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Digital Thermal Imaging

Just like people, pets can benefit greatly from early detection of illness and injury. Digital thermal imaging is an innovative way to identify and address medical concerns in companion animals. Best of all, it’s non-invasive, so it’s completely painless for your pet! Neshoba County Animal Hospital is pleased to offer WellVu, one of the most advanced and effective digital thermal imaging tools on the market.

What is Digital Thermal Imaging

Digital thermal imaging leverages the power of infrared scanning to detect subtle changes in body temperature, which could indicate the presence of pain, inflammation, circulation problems, and other health concerns. Taking a digital image is as quick and easy as snapping a picture. Once captured, the doctor can use the finding to evaluate, diagnose, monitor, and treat illnesses and injuries in companion animals.

When is Digital Thermal Imaging Recommended?

The team at the Neshoba County Animal Hospital is well-versed in recognizing the need for additional diagnostic testing. We recommend the use of WellVu thermal imaging for the following situations:

  • Outward signs of pain or inflammation
  • Injury and/or post-surgical recovery monitoring
  • Circulation and nerve evaluation
  • Senior exams 

Benefits of Digital Thermal Imaging

WellVu thermal screenings allow us to achieve the following for our patients:

  • Early detection and prompt treatment of chronic medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis
  • Visual representation of where a pet may be experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Accurate analysis of a recommended treatment protocol 
  • Identify areas of the body that warrant further examination

If your pet has been hampered by a recent surgery, possible injury, potential chronic condition, or simply the natural aging process, contact Neshoba County Animal Hospital. Our digital thermal imaging can help get to the bottom of the problem and give your loved one some much-needed relief!