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And Meow, A Word About Cuddly Kitten Day

March 15 2024

The 23rd of March is designated as “Cuddly Kitten Day.” If you share our passion for felines, the mere thought of cuddling kittens is probably enough to bring a smile to your face. This article features a local Philadelphia, MS veterinarian talking about loving little Fluffy.

Do All Kittens Like Cuddling?

It is definitely quite common! 

All babies, both human and animal, want to feel comfortable, loved, and safe. A lot of cats consider their owners to be like second parents to them, and they really just crave attention. Taking the time to snuggle with your kitten will help her feel safe and cherished.

However, while many of our feline pals are cuddly, that’s not universal. Purrsonality plays a role here; some cats are simply more reserved than others.  We’ve had several “spicy” kittens! 

Fluffy’s history also matters. Cats that were born stray or feral may take longer to adjust to being handled than kitties that were reared underfoot. That being said, rescue kittens can still be very affectionate. Many are wary at first, but once they realize humans are safe, they transform into tiny purring cuddle bugs.

When Will My Kitten Become Less Cuddly?

Fluffy might never outgrow her love of snuggling. That being said, she may become a bit less of a ‘Velcro’ kitty around the time she hits her tween and adolescent years, which lasts from about six to 18 months. 

During this stage, your furball may exhibit similar behavior to an adolescent human. She may be eager to test your limits and determined to prove her independence. However, she’ll still want to snuggle in between rounds of napping and mischief-making. 

How Do You Make Your Kitten Super Cuddly?

It’s really a matter of building trust. Your cat must learn that you will never hurt her or be mean to her. 

You don’t want to force attention on a kitten. Little Fluffy may be cute, but she is also quite delicate and easily startled.

Socialization is crucial here. You want your furry friend to get used to and be comfortable being carried and handled. Pick her up, pet her, talk to her, and provide her with toys and snacks. Many cats prefer sleeping with their owners. Letting your young furball sit on your lap or in your arms can also help her develop affection.

Plain TLC also goes a long way. Offering nutritious food, a clean litterbox, kitty toys, playtime, and possibly some cat furniture will all help get the engine going. Little Fluffy will definitely show her appreciation for being well cared for. 

Why Does My Kitten Bite And Scratch Me?

It’s natural! Little Fluffy is simply following her instincts and learning to utilize her claws and teeth. Keep in mind that cats are predators in the wild, and their survival depends on their ability to, well, kill things. 

As you may have noticed, our feline pals are usually not hesitant to try their hunting talents on their humans. This may be sweet, but it is also impolite behavior. Indeed, it has the potential to result in some really damaging actions in the future. Those tiny fangs and claws are really sharp!

If your furry companion bites or scratches you, address the ‘kituation’ right away. Ignoring it will only complicate future attempts to teach little Fluffy proper etiquette. 

If your kitten bites or scratches you, discipline her verbally. It makes no difference what you say: ‘No’, ‘Put your claws away’, ‘Be gentle’, or ‘Don’t bite’. Here are only a few examples. Using the same words or phrases is crucial. Also, don’t yell at little Fluffy; it may startle her. Simply use a disapproving tone of voice.

Then turn and walk away from your small companion. Cats dislike it when humans ignore them! This should get the point across. If not, blow into your pet’s face or sprinkle her with water. Clapping your hands may also work. 

This will irritate and startle your kitty companion, but it won’t hurt her. When it comes to correcting bad conduct, these are often the best solutions. They are undeniably more effective than punishing or threatening your cat, which may just shock her and make her distrustful of you. What you want to do is make your pet form bad associations with undesirable behavior, and positive associations with good petiquette. Remember to reward little Fluffy with treats and praise when she’s being good! 

Why Is Kitten Socialization Important?

Little Fluffy’s purrsonality will be strongly influenced by her socialization. You want your cat to be friendly and affectionate. It is vital to introduce her to a variety of people. If not, she may become suspicious or even aggressive as an adult. Invite friends and family members over to pet and play with your tiny companion. Just talking to your pet and touching her gently and frequently will also help.

When Is The Best Time To Pet A Kitten?

There is no bad time to cuddle a kitten! As long as you are free, then by all means indulge your little buddy’s requests for snuggles. 

Should I Let My Kitten Sleep In My Bed?

It’s really up to you! Kittens love snuggling up with their humans at night. In fact, Fluffy will adjust her frantic napping schedule to fit yours. For example, if you work nights, she will snooze while you’re gone, then still sleep next to you in bed. 

We all know that a purring cat can be a great sleep aid. Having a kitten bite at your fingers or pounce on you in the middle of the night? Not so much. It really just depends on what you prefer. 

Are There Benefits to Cuddling Kittens?

Absolutely! Time spent with animals promotes emotional and mental health. Pets have a way of bringing us back into the present. Fluffy isn’t concerned with money or office turmoil; she just wants to be with you. As many of you are probably aware, cuddling a cat can be very relaxing. In fact, kitties are now widely used in therapy. Many cats seem to know instinctively if someone needs a hug. That is why therapy cats may now be found in many hospitals and hospices, providing cuddles to those who are dealing with illness or trauma.

As it turns out, snuggling Fluffy is also good for us physically. Cats purr at specific frequencies, typically between 25 and 150 Hertz. Interestingly enough, these vibrations have been shown to have therapeutic effects. They are even used in many physical therapy sessions!

What Should I Not Do While Cuddling My Kitten?

As we’ve already mentioned, the most important thing is to avoid forcing attention on a cat.  Always let your kitty decide when cuddle time starts and stops. If Fluffy wants to get down, let her. You should also use appropriate methods for picking up and holding her. When it’s time to let her go, gently set her down. 

Don’t be surprised if little Fluffy demands attention when you’re busy, and ignores you when you’re not. That’s just purr for the course! 

Do you have any questions regarding your kitten’s health or care? As your local Philadelphia, MS animal clinic, we are here to help!

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