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January 1 2024

Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2023 and usher in 2024, many people are reflecting back on the last 12 months. Of course, Fluffy probably isn’t too concerned about the change in the calendar, and she’s more interested in napping than in reviewing last year’s highs and lows. However, our feline buddies actually had quite a few noteworthy moments in 2023. A local Philadelphia, MS veterinarian highlights some of our favorites in this article. 

Joy To The World

Last month, CNN reported that a shelter in Pennsylvania had reached their stretch stretch stretch goal, and had found homes for all the pets in their care. In fact, all of the cages in the shelter were empty for the first time in 47 years! They called it a True Christmas Miracle. We’re inclined to agree! 

Celebrating New Digs

A purricularly heartwarming moment involving two kitties captured the attention of the internet last year. In December, a video of Ruby and Opal, two cats at an Indianapolis shelter, moving into a new cage went viral. The cats’ excitement was evident as they jumped for joy and then took to happily zooming around, spilling all of their food and water in the process. Luckily, someone caught their adorable antics on camera and shared it on Tiktok on the shelter’s account, Pepperspalrescue. We hope Ruby and Opal are now happily causing chaos in their forever homes.

Something In The Water

Ruby and Opal weren’t the only cats who won hearts on TikTok for making a mess in 2023. Another feline, Booboo, also got his fifteen minutes of fame for being a sloppy roommate. 

Booboo’s owner wondered why his water dish was always empty, and decided to set up a hidden camera. The resulting footage was shocking. (Okay, maybe not so much shocking as amusing.) Booboo was caught red-pawed in the act of deliberately spilling water into a rug by tipping over his bowl. 

Please note that if your cat seems to be drinking more than usual, extreme thirst is probably behind this. That can be indicative of medical issues, so contact your Philadelphia, MS vet today. 

A Purrfect Homage To A Purrfect Pet

Another charming moment of 2023 was the news of a sleeping cat that had been designed into a Thailand rice paddy. The kitty was planted by farmer Tanyapong Jaikham, who used precise GPS coordinates, various seeds, and careful planning to create his purrfect masterpiece. 

This unique creation was originally inspired by a poem about abundance, and was intended to attract thousands of visitors from around the world. It can also be viewed from the sky. We’re pretty sure our feline overlords approve.

That Furry Face

During the past year, we also learned a little bit about Fluffy’s emotions and her attachment to her humans. A study examined 53 adult kitties who lived in a Los Angeles cat café, focusing on how cats display their emotions. It turns out Fluffy has more than 276 distinct facial expressions!

Pouncing Back From The Brink

One noteworthy accomplishment from 2023 involves a project dedicated to reintroducing Scottish Wildcats. Under the program, known as Saving Wildcats, nineteen wildcats were successfully reintroduced to the Cairngorms, their native habitat. Additionally, thirteen more kittens are currently being raised in simulated natural environments, with plans for their eventual release. 

While Scotland’s mice and birds may not be as thrilled about the news as we are, we wholeheartedly support the attempts, and hope the program is a resounding success. This is a valiant effort to revive a species that almost went extinct. 

It’s also worth noting that if there were ever a kitty we could honestly describe as a majestic floof, it’s probably the Scottish Wildcat.

Celebrations Fit For A Kitty

One company went all-out to celebrate the bond between couples and their feline pals. The contest website FelixPurrfectProposal.com was created as a platform for individuals to showcase how their beloved felines would be involved as they popped the question. The winner will receive a grand prize of $4,750 towards an engagement ring, as well as a little something extra for Fluffy. Currently, the judges are in the process of selecting a winner.

Galactic Kitty Distribution System

Social media is a bit of a mixed bag, offering both enjoyment and conflict. Nonetheless, on rare occasions, the platform unearths significant discoveries. This was precisely our perspective on the most buzzworthy feline matter of the year: the Cat Distribution System.

The gist is that cats are allocated to their ideal owners at the perfect moment. In other words, if you happen to find a stray kitty meowing on your doorstep, or come across a scared furball in the park, well, the universe may have just assigned you a cat. 

The idea has taken off, with countless users sharing clips of their encounters with their designated furry companions. We’ll wait for official studies, but you have to admit there is some logic there. In fact, we suspect that quite a few of our feline patients found their furever homes via this mysterious galactic kitty placement system.

The Cat That Stole Christmas

This one is a pretty much purr for the course. One frisky feline made Santa Claws’ naughty list this year. A cat named Walter was caught on camera stealing his owners’ holiday decorations while they slept. The kitty, who belongs to TikTok user angelwingswalter in Kentucky, stole a Christmas stocking.

Meowing Little Murderers

A recent study in Nature Communications compiled data spanning 100 years. Their findings? 

Turns out, Fluffy is a bit of a serial killer. 

They discovered that cats have been connected to at least 60 extinctions and are estimated to consume over 2,084 kinds of animals and insects. Fluffy has also hunted and killed more than 347 vulnerable species such as green sea turtles, Newell’s shearwater, northern bobwhite quail, and little brown bats. 

This is one reason we recommend keeping kitties indoors. Not only will your furry little serial killer be safer as an indoor pet, you’ll also be helping protect native wildlife! Ask your vet for specific advice on keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and purring inside.

And Meow, A Word About Kitty Sports

Another study, this one in Scientific Reports, focused on one of Fluffy’s lesser-known traits: her love of playing Fetch, which we of course usually associate with dogs. 

The study compiled information from more than 1000 kitty owners, and had some interesting findings. We already knew that certain breeds, such as the Siamese and Bengal, enjoy this doggy sport. However any cat may partake. What’s truly purrplexing is the fact that kitties seem to spontaneously teach themselves (or their humans) the game. Roughly 94 percent of those who responded said that this behavior appeared out of nowhere. 

This curious quirk may be tied into our distant history with our feline buddies: we first befriended cats because we valued their hunting skills. In the old days, bringing us a mouse would earn Fluffy treats and praise.

Then again, with kitties you just never know. 

Happy New Year All of us here at Neshoba County Animal Hospital animal hospital. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. As your Philadelphia, MS animal clinic, we look forward to providing you with the best service in 2024 and for many years to come.

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