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Things Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

January 15 2016
Have you ever wondered what your cat’s meows mean? There are times when Fluffy is very clear in her communications: like when she wants breakfast, for instance. Or lunch. Or dinner. At other times, your feline friend’s meows may not be so easy to decipher. We are here to help! Below, a Neshoba County, MS vet offers an educated guess on what your cat may be trying to say.

Let Me Owt!

We know that at least some cats would like to state their wishes to go outside. If you keep Fluffy indoors, good for you! Kitties are much safer inside, where they are protected from predators, cars, parasites, and other dangers.

Hi! I Missed You! How Was Your Day?

Does your kitty greet you when you come home? While Fido probably gets the award for Most Enthusiastic Welcome, Fluffy is also often very happy to see you. Many cats run to the door to meet their returning owners with an adorable little meow of greeting.

But I Was Comfortable!

As a cat owner, sooner or later you’ll experience that moment when you find your sleepy furball napping in or on top of something you need. Sometimes you can just let Fluffy be and come back later, but there will be times when you just have to move her. Expect a meow of protest, and don’t be surprised if your pet hops right back into place. After all, she was there first!


Kitties have a rather hilarious way of responding when they are caught doing something funny or goofy. They also often respond when called or spoken to. In fact, some felines may meow a ‘What?’ at you just for looking at them!

I Can’t Reach That

Another time cats often express themselves vocally is when something they want is just out of reach of those cute little paws. This can happen when Fluffy pushes her favorite toy under the couch, or when an invading moth flits by just out of her reach.

I Love You

Our feline overlords can be quite affectionate! Fluffy can express her love in a rather interesting variety of ways, including purrs, cuddles, light ‘love-bites,’ and, of course, the meow. Do you have any questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Neshoba County, MS animal hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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